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Born in Marseille in 1976, Laetitia Hussain has lived in France, Syria, Albany NY, New York City and the Hudson Valley.


Her artistic career has evolved from freedom from structures. Rather than staying in one particular medium she has made learning a new one the basis of a project by allowing the journey to form to new skills, ideas and techniques. She is intrigued by the viewers response to the stories and environments she builds through her work and the feeling it evokes in them. Her subject matter ranges from psychological, emotional to environmental issues. Dealing with challenges from mental illness, she incorporates it in her work. From illusions of grandeur, complexity of sameness and obsessive repetition, art has allowed her to make and break her own rules in an attempt to remain free.

Has studied at Sage Junior College of Albany NY. And is a graduate of SUNY Purchase (BFA), she works in many media including drawing, installation, sculpture, painting, printmaking, video, sound and photography. She has shown at the John Davis Gallery in Hudson NY. 

She currently lives and maintains her studio in Hudson NY.












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